About Us


We not only developed this site to help, inform, and educate you on the different options and methods of treating and curing sciatica, we feel your pain literally.

Foreword of Self Care

Now a days it seems like we are spending more and more time sitting down in front of your desk and or computer.  Whether it’s for work, school, or any other reason many of us are finding out day by day what it means to suffer from sciatica.  You know that pain that shoots down your legs or centers around your lower back.  In most cases sciatica is not life threatening, and if you catch it early you have a better chance of curing it without the intervention of doctors and surgeons.  The biggest change that occurs is the day to day constant pain that comes back every time you sit, standup, pick something up, or even walk.  We always advise our readers that before you make any decisions to try any of the methods or techniques listed on this site, to go visit your doctor and first try to work with them to find out what exactly is going on inside you.  As you read through our site you will come to find out there are different ways sciatica comes about, and sometimes we learn we were actually born this way.  With the right information and the right steps the information on this site will make your journey much easier, as it has ours.


Our Site

We have spent a very great deal of time researching, summarizing, and discussing the information that is now and that goes into this site.  Our goal is to layout all the information available in an easy to digest manner to help you make a more educated decision on the next step in your journey to treating or curing your sciatica.  We hope that this information will help at least a handful of individuals as it has helped us to treat and cure our sciatica.